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Experience Tea culture Grind your own matcha
Kouroan offers unique experiences, which will allow visitors to connect with Japanese tea culture. Specifically, visitors to Kouroan, are invited to grind their own matcha. This experience requires a reservation and allows you to use a stone mill and grind tea by hand. Our staff will direct you as you carefully grind tencha tea leaves into powdered green tea called matcha. Historically, stone mills were operated by hand, however within the last 100 years or so, matcha production has welcomed the advent of modern technology by using electric energy to power mills, which grind matcha. Our stone mill is approximately 100 years old and harkens back to more traditional Japanese tea making experiences by allowing for you to enjoy the art of making your own matcha by hand.

Grinding Matcha experience
1,700yen (in tax) Reservation requied
Grinding Matcha experience

Tea Ceremony

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  • Tea Ceremony

Kouroan, also offers visitors the ability to experience and take part in tea ceremony. Visitors are invited to take part in this rich cultural experiences which has its influence in centuries of tradition and culture. Upon request, our staff will perform the intricate art of tea ceremony for you. As a part of this experience, you are invited to eat Japanese sweets and drink matcha in a manner, which is consistent with tea ceremony etiquette. Visitiors are also welcomed to receive simple instructions on tea ceremony and are encouraged to mimic tea ceremony movements under the guidance of Kouroan staff.
Tea ceremony is quite a unique experience in and of itself, however, Kouroan is situated within Daitokuji and Daitokuji plays an important part in the genesis of tea ceremony and houses the grave of Sen No Rikyu. Sen No Rikyu developed, refined, and codified modern tea ceremony in the 16th century. Visitors to Kouroan are also encouraged to visit the grounds of Daitokuji to see tea ceremony relics as well as the beautiful temple grounds.

Tea ceremony experience
2,500yen (Reservation requied)
Tea ceremony experience
京都 大徳寺 皐盧庵茶舗 こうろあん Japan Tea